Sunday, 30 August 2015

Oh Eck Chilli Sauce

The weather may not be super hot outside but it's getting super hot indoors! It's chili sauce making season here in the Driftwood Vegans kitchen.  Earlier in the year a neighbour had given us a chili plant and now it is bearing the fruits of heat.  He told us that he thought the variety was Olivek but we cannot find any reference to such a variety on line so we are really a little in the dark about where this particular chili sits on the Scoobville Scale. Regardless, I decided to venture forth and get saucy with it, particularly so as we have a friend visiting soon who is a particular fan of chili sauce.  He is bringing us some of his amazing lime pickle so it is only fair we do a foodie exchange.

I've called today's particular chili sauce creation 'Oh Eck Chili Sauce' due to the uncertainty surrounding the heat factor.  It is based on my Chili Sauce Cook Off success but slightly tweaked by adding a clove of garlic, a bay leaf, a tablespoon of maple syrup and 50ml more water.....oh and of course a different variety of chili!!  I'm really not sure why I deviated from the original recipe apart from the fact that I am renowned for never cooking the same thing twice.  I just couldn't help myself.  The resulting two bottles of chili sauce have some heat, that is for sure, but Phil thinks it is only 5 on the Scoobville.  I'm erring on the side of a 6.  

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