Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Good2Go in Perranporth

It is well overdue that we should include a post about Good2Go in Perranporth; after all it is only 5 miles west of us. We have visited several times since it opened just after Easter this year but circumstances and weather had prevented us from 'getting it together' and completing the task at hand.  With the sun shining on Tuesday evening, our bellies ready for some Good2Go culinary love and a camera on board, we were finally on a mission.

Good2Go sits up a little side street just off of St Pirans Road, slap bang in the middle of where it all happens in Perranporth. A very smiley Jake and an equally smiley but slightly camera shy Kerensa were there to greet us and patiently wait whilst we had our usual "oh I really can't choose" dilemma of what to order.  

With everything on the menu vegan, it really is a lovely novelty to be spoiled for choice.  In the end Phil went for a Chilli Cheese Dog (a hot dog with homemade mountain chilli and grated cheese) and I went for a Chihuahua (hot dog with homemade guacamole).  Both come beautifully parcelled up in a wrap with optional chilli sauce and chillis.  We were feeling extra naughty and so in addition we both ordered a Chunky Monkey Smoothie, a creamy combo of flavours involving chocolate almond milk, banana and peanut butter.

Eating take away food from a food truck makes you feel like you are being naughty and yet, when you look at the homemade combos on offer at Good2Go you realise that junk food vegan cuisine this ain't. In fact you need to go a hell of a lot further to get to the stage of ripping off those vegan angelic wings completely. Even the cakes, if you have room, taste wicked but remain pretty damn heavenly.  It is indeed a cunning disguise; naughty but really not very naughty at all and very nice.  I guess the clue is in the name too. 

Disguising healthy food is just one of the great tricks up Good2Go's sleeve. As a vegan it is pretty obvious that they offer vegan food. There aren't many vegans after all that are not instantly drawn to the word 'vegan' at 50 paces and indeed you will see it mentioned on the extensive list of suitable food options available. The list, creatively displayed on the side and front of the van, is positively inclusive without saying "actually it is all vegan" as we all know that there are plenty of people who are bizarrely turned off by that. This approach is truthful, clever and will hopefully draw people in to be educated to the tasty, healthy vegan way.

There have been some moments of confusion though; some successful and others not so much.  Apparently several approaches have been from people believing it to be a seafood van.  They couldn't be persuaded to sample the non fishy delights. Phil and I also overheard a family discussing whether the food would be suitable for their lactose intolerant child so clearly the word vegan will hopefully now figure in their understanding a little more. There have also been many questions about the meaning of the word flexitarians.  

Whether these people become customers or not, at the very least there has been an observation; a conversation, and we all know that is where it can all begin.

So go grab a few non vegan friends and check out what Good2Go have to offer. They are open every day until 7pm until the end of September, then just weekends.  For more details check out their website or their Facebook page.

In the meantime, there will be more about the cake we managed to fit in after our 'dogs' and Chunky Monkeys in the next post...... so watch this space

44 St Pirans Road, Perranporth, Cornwall.  TR6 0BJ

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