Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nature's Treats Handmade in Cornwall

Phil loves chocolate and treats.  I am of course quite normal too and do love such things as well, but perhaps not on the same obsessive scale to which Phil seems to display.  

On our recent trip to Good2Go we left with a rather teasingly tasty looking Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake made by the lovely Kerensa from Nature's Treats.  Good2Go stock these wonders, along with the Mustard Seed, the little health food store just along the road in Perranporth.  

All of Nature's Treats cakes and desserts are handcrafted in Cornwall and are dairy, egg and wheat free with some of them being sugar free too.  As well as being available in Perranporth, Kerensa takes orders direct so next time you need a cake for that special event, give her a shout either via the website link above or on her Facebook page. She is also going to be at the Vibrant Living Show in November and the Cornwall Vegan Festival in December (details of both below). 

So, back to the Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake.  Well I was hoping to get it home the five miles to take a better photograph of it before it was devoured.  We almost made it but a quick stop off at the beach to check the surf and it was all too much for Phil.  I managed to get a quick snap before it started to rapidly disappear.

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