Thursday, 10 September 2015

Love For the Fig

Our fig tree in the front garden continues to grow skywards and outwards at an alarming speed.  At least twice a year I have to cut it back to allow access for the postman and to stop it rattling against the front of the house.  It's a process I don't enjoy as the large branches always look so full of life and not only do the birds enjoy twittering away in it but many other creatures seem to benefit from it too.  I only wish that, beyond the aesthetic and wildlife benefit, it would yield us a ripe fig here and there. Each year, despite our best efforts, the fruits either fail to ripen or get knocked off in the wind.  I still love it though, especially when I look up at its lush green leaves against a lovely blue sky.


  1. We're still scrumping figs from our neigbour's overhanging tree up here in Bristol. I'll have to trim it back again soon. Maybe I could post you some cuttings and see if they ripen better than yours?

    1. Hey Paddy (assume it's you!). Sooo jealous re the neighbour's fig tree (I assume they don't mind!). I'd love a cutting of a tree that produces. Problem is we don't have anymore space for another one and I would hate to chop ours completely down, even if it was only for a few years until the new one grew. Thanks anyway XX.