Saturday, 3 August 2019

Marching Towards A Vegan Future

I admit I've never been one much for marches.  I was more of a 'field operative' and preferred the toils of a day spent covered in mud; sometimes my own blood, and the satisfaction of having saved yet another ginger dog or other such persecuted animal at the hands of the red coated gang.  Better still if I had avoided arrest in the process.  Nope, holding placards and chanting wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean to say I didn't support it.  In fact I have always admired and applauded any and every form of action when it comes to the common cause.  Even those quietly sitting at home just following a plant based diet get my admiration.  We are all part of the gentle machine.

That said, there is something about the upcoming Truro Animal Rights March that tweaks my feeling about marches.  Perhaps it is because it represents a unification of everything that I have mentioned above?  In my day to day life I am often surrounded by people who really don't understand what it feels like to live in a vegan mind and body; where you know that whatever you say about how you feel falls inexplicably on deaf ears and emotions.  Any vegans reading this will know exactly what I mean but anyone else, well you won't unless you make that connection.  I make it sound like a religion I'm sure but it really just comes down to a realisation rather than some cosmic entity.  So the idea of being surrounded by a mass of people who do understand on those multitude of levels is appealing.  It's not all about my need to surround myself in a comforting vegan duvet of love though.   As anyone that tries to get up on a Monday morning to go to work knows, that duvet can also feel very powerful.  

When you try to explain to people around you how you feel it seems like a mountain to climb.  When a whole load of people come together to explain how they feel; well that is a little harder to ignore.  Suddenly it normalises what we all know to be true; "all these people feel the same so surely there must be something in it beyond the hippy that I work with?".

What it comes down to it, whether you like marches or not, if you live in Cornwall or even if you happen to be one of the multitude of people currently on holiday in Cornwall, there is an opportunity this coming Saturday to be part of the 'gentle machine' that is working towards a brighter and more vegan future, for the benefit of all.  The powerful vegan duvet of love is ready and waiting for all.  Join the Cornwall Vegans at midday on Saturday 10th August to march through Cornwall's capital of Truro.  More details are on Animal Rights Group page - Cornwall