Monday, 21 September 2015

September Swell Delivery

After a summer of mostly small weak waves, September is usually guaranteed to deliver some good powerful waves, and the swell of the 9th will be well remembered by those that were able to get to the coast to take advantage.  Being a work day for me it was a bit of a mad dash to get in the sea after, but the exhaustion at the end of the day was worth it. Luckily for me and a few of the locals, Scooby had a long lens with which to document some of the action.  My nephew and his family were down for a visit also, and he was able to get some great waves too, which was pretty good going for someone who hadn't surfed for 18 months!  With 4 days of good waves, great company all week, and the infamous Crantock Bale Push on the Friday night, it was certainly a week to remember.

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