Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Badger Pair Return

It's been a fair while since I've seen these two in the garden together.  The female is there pretty much regular as clockwork;  removing rocks from our wall, spreading pebbles onto the pathway, breaking in to our veg patch, digging stuff up and generally all the wonders that come with welcoming wildlife into your garden. I really don't mind.  It is after all her night time world and not mine.  I do like to spy on her too.

Over the last few months I hadn't seen the other badger and I guess I was a little concerned that something had come of him.  My mum asks for regular updates on the badger activity and recently this has involved the same question; still just one badger?  She's been worried too.  Yesterday I received a parcel from my mum.  She was being soppy and had seen a fluffy badger in a shop and decided on a whim to buy it and send it to me.  The note enclosed said that I should put it on the windowsill overlooking the badger garden so it could look out for its mate.  Being as equally soppy as my mum, I did as she requested.

This morning I looked at the footage from the trail camera I set up regularly and discovered that indeed he had returned.  I was delighted and instantly rang my mum to tell her.  She was over the moon.  Perhaps that badger sat on the windowsill had special powers after all?!

For some previous badger activity over the years check out my Climbing Badgers post and also the one where the bird table gets pulled over!  There are many other examples in our blog too as I can't help but share the wonders of my badger bandits.

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