Thursday, 24 September 2015

Badger Cam Busted!

The badger antics continue in the front garden with both the male and the female continuing to visit regularly.  I actually watched from the front window at the moment my stealth camera was totally busted by the female and to my great joy saw the camera start recording during the height of the sniffing.  I couldn't wait to see the resulting footage the next day.  Turn the volume up for full sniff effect!  It's really strange that she took so much interest in the camera this time around as it has been totally ignored over the last few years.  I'm wondering whether my hands were peanut infused when I set it out on this particular night!

The second video only 30 minutes later is another cat encounter.  This time the cat in question wasn't as chilled out about being in the company of badgers as other cats had been (see this video for a really close encounter!).  The cat is called Cub and he only moved in a few houses down this year so perhaps he just needs to get a bit more used to his night time neighbours.  In the shot that followed Cub walked along the top of the fence to spend some more time observing the badger from above.

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