Friday, 21 August 2015

Very Cornish Problems

I pretty much agree with most of this article from the West Briton newspaper which explores a day in the life of those living in Cornwall.  Click on the photo below to read it in full.  

Obviously it's vegan pasties all the way and I couldn't possibly comment on the bit about surfers being that 50% of the household does actually surf!  As for the poor seagulls, well they get a bad rap considering it's the stupid householders putting out their exposed rubbish that actually cause the problem.  Although at 5am when the little darlings 'dance' on our roof I do sometimes have a sense of humour failure!.  In fact that is more apt as one of the 'very Cornish problems' but hey they were here a long time before we were so I'll let them off.

Welcome to a day in the life of those living in Cornwall

However, tractors on my morning commute from north to south coast is definitely a regular feature in my day.  Oh and sand in our shoes, car, bed, and generally all over the house; yep that does actually happen somehow!  In fact, that reminds me, I must clean the car out at some point.  Oh hang on, there is absolutely no point.  It'll be clean for about two days.

Another weird thing that happens is when you strike up a conversation with a visitor and they ask you "so where have you travelled from?"  and when you answer "Er, we live here", they look startled as if Cornwall is some kind of weird rural theme park where everyone here is just 'visiting'!  Phil says this happens in the sea regularly.

I've been selling my cards recently to the tourists when they are vulnerably happy, fresh off the beach.  Some of the cards I am selling are actually Christmas cards (well you have to think ahead don't you).  These cards feature snow on the beach here (the proof is in my photo below).  Well what a shocker that has proved to be!  The amount of 'wows' I get from people when they see snow is amazing.  I point out that it does happen occasionally.  After all we don't live in the tropics and the rain over the last few days should prove that fact!

Despite these 'problems' we're not sure we would want to live anywhere else in the world to be honest!


  1. I thought the snow pic was really nice and thought it was one of the best ones.

    1. Ah thanks Jeff. Maybe I should make that into a photo to sell to the tourists instead of the sunny ones!