Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Difficult Story to Tell

About 30 years ago I heard a horrible story that has stuck in my head ever since.  It is not easy to tell.  It involves a female who was raped.  The police showed no interest,  no statements were taken and no witnesses were prepared to come forward.  In fact nobody seemed to care.  She became pregnant and her mothering instincts kicked in.  When she gave birth this single mother was able to provide all her child required to grow fit and strong and she loved him so dearly.
Unfortunately the story takes another tragic turn.  When her child was less than two days old he was taken away from her despite the fact that there was no better mother for that child. You might feel that this horrific story couldn't get any worse but sadly it does as this child was then murdered by his kidnappers.  The mother was then repeatedly raped and continued to be so throughout her short tragic life; each time her children were again snatched from her and either killed or made to endure a life of slavery like their mother.
Thirty years ago this story ripped my heart out and it continues to do so day in and day out, for although it was all those years ago, it is a still a reality that continues to happen to some mothers every single day of the year the world over.  How could this possibly be allowed to happen?  Well there is one simple reason; milk.  For that mother and all the other mothers in this story are actually cows, forced into pregnancy and giving birth purely so their resulting milk can be taken, not to provide for their own children, but for consumption by humans. Meanwhile their sons are 'surplus to requirements' and murdered at a young age whilst their daughters continue the tragic circle of milk slavery, never able to experience the joys of natural motherhood.  
All those years ago I was shocked by this story and, despite not being a mother myself, I could no longer fail to act.  I became vegan and wanted no part of this abuse.  I share this story because I am aware of what is happening whilst many others, like my teenage self back then, are not. It is my witness statement and I present this to you purely to judge for yourself whether it is right or wrong.

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