Monday, 17 August 2015

Good Hemp Coconut Milk

Gone are the days when the only plant milk available was just soya.  The market is becoming more and more diverse, demonstrating perfectly the rise of the power of the  vegan shopper in today's society.

One of our favourites and the one that we predominantly use now is Good Hemp milk.  It not only tastes good for tea and cereal but works a treat in cooking too.  Even better is the fact that the food miles on it are really low for us down in Cornwall as it is made just across the border in North Devon.

The Good Hemp news continues when you consider the healthful facts about hemp milk.  A single 250ml serving gives you a whopping 50% RDA of omega 3 and 33% of omega 6. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and so are a complete protein.  In fact there is so much good stuff about Good Hemp that it is hard to fit it all in here.  Go buy yourself some, open it and enjoy whilst you ooh and aah at all the wonderful facts and figures about hemp and the good values of the company.  Or have a read of their website 

So just when we though it couldn't get any better we discovered a new flavour (it doesn't even seem to be on their website yet!) - Hemp Coconut Milk (pictured above).  No added sugar in this one either (there is only grape juice extract in the original one).  It might be our new best friend in the plant milk world.

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