Friday, 28 August 2015

The Amazing Things You See In and Around Rockpools

Beautiful things rock pools. Luckily there are plenty of them in Cornwall to explore.  I can easily spend hours sat beside them watching the underwater world float, sway, whizz and ripple by.  Wow, how many varieties of seaweed are there too?

The thing is you don't just have to stare into the depths to see lots of interesting things. Sometimes  taking a few moments to sit and reflect on the world around you can literally reflect that world back at you in surprising and beautiful ways.

The other thing about this situation is that it really makes you appreciate just how interconnected our environment is.    "As above, so below" as the old Hermetic saying goes.

By the way, I haven't altered these photographs at all. They are what they are and exactly what I saw as I spent those few moments of 'reflection' next to the rock pool. Phil said he thought the top photo looked like a cross between a Monet and a Klimt.

As you can see, Phil was concentrating on the world above and the warmth that Mother Nature was providing, as well as stretching out his shoulders post surf.

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