Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ethica - Naughty But Nice!

Photo of Ethica by communityEthica

Those lovely people at Ethica are really very naughty you know.  They have this way, gentle but utterly Veganically persuasive, of making you buy more than you meant to.  

A spontaneous 'there is no surf today/how can we avoid doing the D.I.Y. that badly needs doing' trip up to Plymouth had the sole purpose of checking out the wonders of Ethica,  the relatively newly opened store in Plymouth.  They don't advertise themselves as being exclusively vegan as they understand that this can put some people off, but this is in fact the case, and so you really don't have to go to the trouble of reading all the labels, although some habits are hard to break.  This kind of reminded us of Wildebeest in Falmouth, who pull in all manner of punters without explicitly flying the vegan flag.

At Ethica they have gathered all their products from either certified vegan sources or have personally checked the status of all of the items they stock.  This isn't immediately obvious, but a quick check with the owners revealed this to be the case.  We think that the products on offer are really well thought out, and we delighted in finding items that we have only seen previously on-line or in places such as the Wholefoods Market in London or Cheltenham. We went in with a short shopping list, but this somehow quickly expanded as we saw the variety of items they had on offer.  Some of the items weren't exactly 'healthy', but were more in the category of 'vegan treats'.  'Everything in moderation' and all that, except our excitement on seeing so many vegan goodies in one place somehow got the better of us on this occasion (see photo below for a sample).

Check out Ethica's details on Happy Cow or their Facebook page or best of all go along and treat yourself.  Make sure you take enough shopping bags though as you are certain to buy more than you intended, such are their wicked ways!

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