Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Find Your Own Wave

The other day Phil and I were having an after work inspection of the surf from 'our headland'.  A group of surfers were all congregated in the middle of the beach and were indeed catching the odd wave here and there.  There was one guy further over on his own, also catching the odd wave.  It led me to ask Phil as to why most of the guys were just sitting in the same place when other waves were available?  He told me that the waves at this particular point were probably a bit better but that it could also be a classic case of sheep mentality.  The Internet has even become the modern day wave shepherd, herding the flocks to wherever the surf forecast shows to be the best spot on the day.  Phil will often choose 'his spot' only to find that others will surely follow.

We all know the deal; it's the person that comes and pitches their tent right next to you in an empty field, the person that will park right next to you at an empty beauty spot (often leaving their engine running). It's not that we are unsociable but sometimes you just want your own space; your own spot and you wonder at the ability of some to be able to make their own path and choices in life. Perhaps that is what is wrong with society as a whole these days; most people are just following the path that someone else has set out for them, expected of them and the one that most people seem happy to follow.  Thinking outside the box seems to horrify some people.  Anyone that does is often seen as the weirdo; vegans among them.

So okay maybe my analogy of 'finding your own wave' is a bit strong; after all they could have all been mates or guys that were unfamiliar with the set up at this location.  Maybe.....

I however applaud the guy who set off, away from the herd to find his own wave.  I bet he had more fun waves to himself.  

Thinking about it another way, how many of us vegans would complain if more people did come and 'surf the same wave' as us?  Sometimes that can be a good thing too.  The tide just needs to turn a little more first.

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