Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Floating Leaves and Flotsam Staircases

A late afternoon stroll on 'our patch' can reveal the most lovely and surprising things.  We went out in search of sunshine between showers and did indeed find that.  We also went out in search of blackberries but didn't find any of note; it seems we missed the boat on that one.  We did however discover beautiful floating autumnal leaves on the changing tide of the estuary which had us mesmerized for quite some time.  However, what was the most entertaining and unusual discovery was that of a whole staircase dislodging and floating itself into the middle of the estuary.  Not something you see every day for sure.  

Viking Long Ship on it's way to Valhalla or just a dislodged staircase?
The staircase had formerly, before the tide took ownership, belonged to one of the 'posh' properties on the other side of the estuary.  They had only constructed it about a week ago to extend their access right to the waters edge.  What they hadn't considered was what the higher high tide may think of such an encroachment into its territory.  Idiots.  All was to be revealed in dramatic wonder as the staircase warped and wavered on its ill considered perch in front of our very eyes before making a break for freedom upriver.  

The problem was that the tide was just about to turn and soon that 'staircase to heaven' would turn to a 'staircase to hell' if it headed out to sea.  Being responsible seafaring adults with a vivid imagination of what might happen if a staircase 'dropped in' on your wave, we decided to call in the Coastguard.  After all a 10' x 30' obstruction about to launch itself into the surf zone in the river mouth surely wasn't going to end well.  45 minutes later the Coastguard had failed to show; clearly floating staircases were either considered normal for round these parts and should be dealt with 'dreckly', or they may have had other more pressing emergencies to deal with.  

Either way we had to give up our vigil of the vigilante staircase as we had curry to cook.  We did however ring up a few friends to alert them of potential obstacles in the surf tomorrow and to secure our share of any driftwood that may wash up on the beach.  After all wrecking is still alive and well in Cornwall!

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