Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fly Agaric

It is mushroom season proper now and time to start kicking around in the leaf litter looking for mushroomy delights. 
Easier said than done though and our trip at the weekend offered no such luck in the way of definite and safe 'shrooms' to dine on. 
That is unless we wanted to take a very different trip to the diner at the end of the psychedelic universe as the only very definitely identified mushroom we found was the definitely identifiable Fly Agaric.  Cue elves and goblins  and all those typical images associated with this mushroom.  It is certainly not one for our dining table but is still a beautiful sight at this time of year and a mushroom with a long and interesting history dating back thousands of years in European folklore.  Read more about it on this Mythology and Folklore of the Fly Agaric blog post.
In the meantime, if you do intend to go out there looking for mushrooms;
1.  Don't eat this one.
2.  Only pick and eat ones you definitely know are safe to do so.  It could be a mistake that could make you very unwell, very high or very dead otherwise!

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