Tuesday, 14 October 2014

St Clether Holy Well Chapel

I must admit we don't venture eastwards that much in Cornwall from our central north coast position.  We should do more though as there are unexplored treasures to discover, particularly so in and around Bodmin Moor.  We found one such example recently at St Clether Holy Well Chapel, after a tip off from our friend Vivienne.

Thought to have been built in the 5th Century this Celtic chapel is a short walk from the main church in St Clether.  We spied deer and birds of prey on our approach through this beautiful little valley.  On arriving you instantly feel that any words you utter may upset the equilibrium of natural ambiance that has peacefully settled in and around the small gated grounds of the chapel.  Surrounding trees are adorned with either bird feeders, with accompanying feathered worshippers, or simple manmade offerings of a pagan nature.  A couple of well placed benches offer a moment to contemplate the peace and take in the atmosphere, one of which is inscribed 'Peace is the sound of heaven on earth'.

The sound of running water is unsurprisingly a dominant feature here.  There are two wells.  The Upper Wellhouse is where the water is collected before it then runs through the chapel, under the granite altar, and then into the lower well in the wall of the chapel before continuing down into the River Inny in the valley below. 

The chapel itself, behind its unlocked door,  is a dark yet unimposing place.  A simple bench along one wall welcomes you to sit and take what experience you wish from this calm place.  Whatever your religious belief system, whether you believe in anything at all; the peace, the bird song, the running water, it can tap into a reflective moment for those who enjoy the wonder of such things.  In this day and age of constant barrage of technology, media and all the associated mind numbing attributes of modernity, it is indeed a special moment to sit amongst such uncontaminated peace. 

Take the time to explore this wonder.  Ongoing maintenance is required for this privately owned chapel so please do think about either donating during your visit or visiting the Well Wishers page on the St Clether Holy Well Chapel website.

The website also has lovely photos of the chapel during the Celtic year which starts on Samhain on 31st October (our modern day Halloween). St Clether Holy Well Chapel is situated about 1/3 mile walk from St Clether Parish Church which is signposted from the A395.  Grid reference SX202846.  Long and Lat is 50.37.55 and 04.32.40 respectively.

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  1. Went there once many many years ago. If I remember, the water flows across the floor in a channel - I'd love that in a house, as long as it didn't flood!