Thursday, 30 October 2014

Vegan Lounging Around

Work took me away from home for two days at the beginning of this week.  My first day was spent visiting Bournemouth University but before I started my meeting I wanted to grab a spot of lunch.  

Research is everything when you are vegan and before I left I checked out Happy Cow to see what was near the campus.  It paid off as I happened upon a small but ever growing chain of restaurant bars called Loungers.  How had we missed out on this chain in the past? Even more shocking is that a few moments ago, when checking out their website before writing this post, I happened to discover there is actually one of them in Truro, a mere 20 minutes drive from us!

So what attracted me to the Loungers chain?  Well let's just say how many non-veggie/vegan restaurants or chains offer a whole vegan menu? Now we aren't talking about a few items hidden away with a little V+ written next to them; we are talking about a whole menu that is very happily presented to you upon asking.....a whole separate menu just for you! Wowzers, how special does that make you feel?!  Get this; they even do vegan wine.  See, there it is in the photo and if you don't believe me, here's a link from their website  - Loungers Vegan Menu.

I had the Panini which was delicious and a rather lovely cup of Lapsang Souchong tea, obviously with soya milk.  I think another visit may be in order, but this time to Truro so I can report on the rest of their menu!  Phil would very much like the chance to sample their wares too next time!

So check them out.  The Truro branch is at 12 Princes Street, Truro, TR1 2ES.

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