Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Raw Cheesecake

I was in the library the other day and saw 'Eat Smart Eat Raw' in the cookery section. It seemed like a very colourful, interesting book so I borrowed it for a few weeks.
At the same time my parents have been visiting.  My mum currently has cancer and, as an additional consequence, diabetes. She is doing really well and is making every effort to combat it with diet.  She has been vegetarian for years but over the last few months has chosen to improve this further by going dairy free.  In addition she eats apricot kernels, which have been shown to have cancer fighting properties.  Whether it is coincidence or not, her most recent results show she is now in partial remission and now moving in the direction of no longer being diabetic.  This has strengthened her resolve to continue making these dietary choices and I want to do everything I can to support her in this.  

Everybody enjoys a treat though and with this in mind I wanted to find a dessert for my mum which was obviously not only vegan but also contained minimal sugar.  Flicking through 'Eat Smart Eat Raw' I happened to rest on the Raw Cheesecake recipe on page 115.  It was perfect and better still, I already had all the ingredients.  With the addition of a strawberry and blackcurrant sauce, made from my dads strawberries and our blackcurrants, my mum loved it.  It was definitely the kind of sweet treat she deserved and I look forward to trying more of the recipes in this book before I have to return it.  I will no doubt end up buying it in the end!

'Eat Smart Eat Raw' Cheesecake

6oz almonds (soaked 4-8 hours)
6oz dried dates
2 tsp cinnamon (actually I only used 1 1/2 tsp)

8oz cashews (soaked 4-8 hours)
4oz coconut oil
4 tbsp agave syrup
1 tbsp vanilla powder (I used organic vanilla paste)
8 fl oz water
1 tbsp baobab powder (optional but I definitely wanted to use it!)

Topping of your choice (details of what I did below)

My shortened version of how I made it - 

Grind up the soaked almonds and then add the dates and cinnamon and grind up further until it starts clumping together (I did add a touch of water to achieve this). Push the mixture into a 9" tin or baking tray to the shape you desire.  I didn't grease the dish and it all came out just fine.

Put the rest of the ingredients in the blender (I didn't wash it up in between and the world didn't self destruct) and blend, blend, blend until relatively smooth.  It did still have some slight graininess to it but I didn't mind that.   Scoop onto the top of the base and smooth down.  Bung it in the fridge to set (it was all good after about an hour).

Top it with wonderous creative toppings as desired.  I decided to make a pour-able sauce to accompany it.  I took some home grown strawberries and blackcurrants (can't give you the measures as I just kind of 'did it'),  added a touch of agave syrup and a splash of water and blended). My mum said it was just right to accompany the cheesecake!


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  1. My mouth is watering as I read the ingredients. Just know it's going to be good. ps. (I didn't wash it up in between and the world didn't self destruct) funny!