Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sunita Polenta Veggie Bake

Making polenta from scratch really isn't terribly hard at all and so I very rarely buy it ready made.  However, for some reason the other day I felt compelled to buy some and I'm so glad I did as it turned into a really quick, tasty and cheap meal.  The packet of Sunita Organic Polenta I bought even had a recipe on the back which resembled what I had in mind to make that night.  So all I had to do was follow it (with a few adjustments along the way like I do!).  Even easier!

Veggie Polenta Bake

Add a glug of olive oil in the bottom of a baking dish and then slice and lay the polenta in the bottom of the dish covering as much as you can.

Coarsely grate a large courgette (of which we had plenty in the garden!) and spread over the top of the polenta layer.   Add a pinch of salt if you fancy.

Chop onion, peppers, basil and olives and spread evenly over the courgette layer. You could of course put any vegetables you fancy on top according to what you have at hand.  The recipe on the package suggested artichokes but we didn't have any.

Add a good glug of tomato passata or sauce of your choice on top of all of the above. I then used some home made cashew miso cheese sauce we had left over, mixed with a bit of caramelised homous and put this on top of the passata swirling to mix in slightly. It wasn't in the recipe but I just fancied it.  On top of this I then dotted around halved cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of homemade vegan parmesan (again not in the original recipe but I just can't help myself!).

Back to the original recipe!  Then bung the whole thing in the oven and bake till golden brown and sizzling (I cooked it for about 40 mins on 200 degrees C).

Relax and leave cooking whilst you wander off and do something else.


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