Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Well Travelled Spider

As we approach late summer and early autumn we also approach what I refer to as 'spider season'; a season that puts me on edge slightly.  Don't get me wrong I love spiders; they're amazing creatures and an essential part of our world.  I am however stupidly nervous of them, or in the case of the ones that scurry across the floor wearing clogs, I turn into a girly squealing mess that requires 'rescuing' by Phil, who has no such problems in scooping them up gently and re-homing them. 

There are exceptions to my inappropriate behaviour; 'kitchen corner of the window' spiders and 'car' spiders (both of which tend to be on the smaller size).  Pretty much ever since we have owned Miles, our camper van, he has held residence to a car spider, whom I have affectionately named Winston.  

Everybody has a car spider, clinging inexplicably to the outside recesses; the wing mirrors being a favourite location.  You become strangely protective and affectionate towards them in their fast moving world of survival.  This is very much the case with me and Winston as he has travelled quite a number of miles with us in the last couple of months.  He has accompanied us on trips to Dartmoor, Totnes, Glastonbury, Salisbury Plain and most recently up to the Lake District.  He clearly makes a good living from his location and it seems to offer him good protection from driving wind and rain (literally!).  To ensure his continued survival we just have to remember to avoid washing that section of the van.

We are rather hoping he survives the winter and joins us on our annual trip to Spain and Portugal in the spring.  In the meantime I am also hoping that the annual influx of large house spiders try and refrain from displaying their presence too often whilst I am around to witness it!  

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