Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lancaster Brewery

Hats off to Lancaster Brewery, a recent discovery of ours on a trip up north being their excellent Lancaster Black English Stout.  

It is not only a tasty tipple but they have also chosen to make it vegan and display the fact clearly on the bottle.  The same goes for their Amber Bitter, Blonde Beer and Red Bitter.  Of course we only know this of the bottle variety and it may not be so with the cask, as is the case with most ales.  We will write to them to not only thank them for their wonderful bottled beers but also to enquire in regards to their casks.

Just a shame we've never it seen it down our way but then keeping it regional and not being able to get your hands on something all the time often makes it more of a treat.  

It certainly was a very welcome treat after our ascent and rather wobbly legged descent of Helvellyn and Striding Edge up in the Lake District.  Just the job!

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