Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dirty Feet Are Happy Feet

This summer has offered a perfect opportunity to kick off your shoes and pad around on the shoes that nature intended; bare feet.  

My mother is horrified by the state of our dirty feet but quite frankly the health benefits of a bit of dirt on bare feet outweigh the parental disapproval! What could be more natural than walking barefoot on the ground? Yet we shield our feet year round in boots, shoes, sandals and flip flops.  Okay this is fair enough in winter, but now the warm weather is here isn't it about time your feet got deep down and dirty?

Modern life has created a product for everything, from cleaning products that kill '99% of all known germs' (both beneficial and harmful) to so called 'barefoot' shoes.  In natural health circles much is made of being 'grounded' and connected to the earth, and yet how often do people actually kick off their shoes and walk around in the mud? 

Even in Tai Chi the emphasis is on 'being grounded' and yet they all wear cheap plastic soled slippers!  Now you can buy yoga socks with individual toes and a grip on the sole and Nike even make a yoga shoe!.  Really, go figure?

Instinctively we all know what's right for us deep down inside, but sometimes we need a little reminder to jolt us out of our modern day thinking.  For us this came with a free viewing of the film 'Grounded'.  Unfortunately we cannot provide a free link to the full film, but it really is something you should investigate.  It is one of those things like 'organic food' that is just really obvious, as at one time all food was 'organic'.  At one time we were all barefoot too. Ironically modern day society seems to prefer to have scientific proof to feel safe about such things and this film certainly provides some convincing arguments about the distinct benefits of reconnecting with the earth.  Go outside, take your shoes off and stand or sit on the bare earth for 15 minutes, and then tell me you don't feel more relaxed, connected and at peace.  There's a reason why walking out on dewy grass first thing in the morning feels delightful; makes you feel alive.  Why save that for special moments and not make it part of your everyday life?

If scientific proof is what you are after though, take a look at the 'Grounded' film.  There is also a sequel that is due out later on this year called 'The Grounded 2'.

Alternatively, just go walk outside barefoot (wo)man!  For those who would like a more formal introduction to going barefoot in Cornwall, there is a special barefoot trail on the south coast created by the National Trust but for us, it all starts in the garden! 

And even the Eagles say they get a 'Peaceful, Easy Feeling' because they are already standing on the ground!  

You can view the full 'The Grounded 2' movie on until 8th August.


  1. Heck, I stopped wearing shoes outside in 2012. My feet are at the point that big thorns don’t hurt and I might not feel small thorns. If I do, it’s a slight stinging. Underground bees don’t bother me either. Shoes are pointless unless in Winter or some job like a construction worker, fireman, or police officer. God did not create feet for shoes. Feet have their own protection if given the chance to develop it.

    1. I'm the same way love going barefoot Hike barefoot shop barefoot yes people laugh at my dirty feet I don't care I love going barefoot Glad you're a Barefoot Person like me Keep on going Barefoot my friend

  2. The huge surge in and availability of 'barefoot' shoes will help in the winter for sure. I've just got myself a pair of Five Fingers. Love them!