Monday, 4 August 2014

Quorn Foods Finally Seeing Sense?

Rice Up Wholefoods Cooperative Ltd
Quorn is not vegan - fact.  It contains egg and in some cases milk too.  Quorn came on the market after I was vegan so I've never had it and, as it seems to dominate the supermarket vegetarian option aisles, it has always been a huge frustration that Quorn Foods have never engaged with trying to cater for vegans.  News is coming through though of a change with that.  Apparently they’ve been working on a vegan version for the last three years, but have struggled to get the taste and texture right. They’ve recently however had a breakthrough using potato protein, amongst other things, to replace the egg and milk.

For the full low down have a look at what Rice Up Wholefoods posted as a result of an email from Solent Vegetarians and Vegans. It's a bit late now for the tastings that they mention but I guess watch that space for more details.

Incidentally Rice Up Wholefoods is a Southampton based independent wholefood grocery store and it looks pretty groovy so worth a check if you are in the area.  We certainly would if we were out east.

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