Monday, 4 November 2013

Roast Dinner

When dark descends outside on a windy, rainy evening all you need to brighten things up is culinary sunshine on your plate.
Last night we enjoyed our own style of Sunday roast dinner; Japanese Style Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cashews, Stuffed Aubergines (sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, courgette, onion and Vegusto cheese), Mushroom Paprikash (a kind of mushroom paprika style stew), winter coleslaw (fennel, red cabbage, carrots in Tofutti Sour Cream and balsamic vinegar) and a green salad.  It did the job and the leftovers were very much enjoyed as lunch today.
These recipes were adapted from Cook Vegetarian magazine or Vegetarian Times (an American mag I subscribed to for a while).  I made up the winter slaw.
Whilst I busied myself in the kitchen preparing this I also made use of the last of the stored pears we had and made Pear and Ginger Jam as well as baking some Half Spelt Bread.
By the time I sat down for my Sunday dinner I felt I had earned it!

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