Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mushroom Forage

So further to our Cornish Cliff Safari at the weekend, Phil did in fact go searching for a good crop of mushrooms out on the cliff top grassland a couple of miles from home. 

He wasn't disappointed and with appropriate containers to house the harvest, he was able to bring home more than enough big juicy field mushrooms for dinner.  There were many that had just 'gone over' and were no good and a fair few more which weren't quite ready for picking yet, but nature had still provided today's ripe and ready crop.
On my return from work Phil was busy making plans for the use of the mushrooms with everything from inclusion in a miso soup to making some form of mushroom gratin. 

He also wanted to experiment with drying some of them but without a dehydrator or the desire to leave the oven on for a not very environmental amount of time, it was likely that the radiators in the house were looking the best candidates for this task.
It was sure going to be an interesting experiment and one that no doubt we will be reporting on at some point in the future.

In the meantime, I was looking forward to the foray of dishes coming my way this evening.
Mushrooms drying on an upside down baguette baking tray on our radiator

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