Friday, 15 November 2013

Cacti Abstract

Sometimes simple things can get your attention. 
To be honest I am easily distracted by shape, form, texture and light.  I even spent the early part of my life, before the more vegan form of digital photography took off, seeing in black and white.  Honestly I did.  This was due to my use as a photographer of predominantly black and white film.
So here I am sitting in our office and I turned around to see William, my faithful cacti friend of about 20 years, creating an amazing lighting abstract behind me.  He has got a bit of a bend at the moment which I am mindful of.  After all me and him have spent many a year together and hopefully have many more years to come, so I wouldn't want to lose him.  I have turned him around to give a little support against the wall in the hope that he will know what to do for the best.  A re-potting in the spring may be necessary which will be interesting as William stands taller than Phil's strapping 6' 2".  He is reaching for the stars at around 6' 6"! 
Either way, I treat my plants as my faithful friends.  Call me a hippie if you like, I simply don't care!

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