Friday, 8 November 2013

November is Vegan Month!

If you have happened to read our blog and you are not vegan, then thank you for being interested and curious as everyone is welcome in our world as long as you are open minded! 
What would really make us love you even more is if you gave veganism a go.  It is really easy - after all we have both been vegan for over 25 years and we are pretty lazy!  We guarantee you will eventually feel healthier, happier, love food even more and be perhaps just a touch smugger (given that you will be contributing less to animal cruelty, environmental destruction  and the demise of your own health). 
November is Vegan Month apparently.  Any month is good enough for us when it comes to deciding to make your life healthier and happier but hell, if November is the official month, then all is good, and it's three weeks better than Vegan Week!
So if you are up for it then come on.  Give it a go.  There are lots of resources here from  Animal Aid or just ask us. 
Vegan Month

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