Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cold, Warm, Dark, Light

This time of year can be quite confusing. 
We woke up the past couple of mornings with the surprise of frost, the first of the year.  It even made us a little late to work due to the extra time needed to scrape it from the car windscreen.  Then later in the day you can be greeted with such warmth that Phil can be working in the garden with his t-shirt off. 
Likewise the light.  Dark mornings can have you crawling from your bed, bleary eyed and none too pleased about the interruption to your Zzzz time,  only to be brightened by the most amazing sunrises that even the summer would be proud of. 
There is something beautiful about the light at this time of year; it feels like precious crystal.  Perhaps it is the fact that you appreciate it all the more for the warmth and relief it brings from the long dark nights.
Yesterday we went west with no particular plan other than to enjoy being somewhere in the sunshine.  We ended up at St Michael's Mount and sat on the harbour wall sucking in the peace, warmth and light.  The light was playing with all that was around it; throwing the Mount into striking silhouette, dancing in the rock pools, flowing through and around the cotton ball clouds, touching the under wings of seagulls as they soared above us.
All too soon though it was time to head home before our warmth and light 'bank' we had built up started to be depleted again by the impending move towards sunset.

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