Thursday, 20 June 2013

The New Trend of Desk Cats

Dillon is always available at home to decorate the office desk whilst blogging (see Blog Writing Gets Sabotaged by Dillon) and while I am at work, there is TC to fill the gap.  Basically a desk is not a desk unless there is a cat sat on it.

TC (or Technical Cat) is the cat who lives on the campus I work on.  He has done for years and he belongs to no one and everyone so leads a happy and healthy life hanging out where and when he choses.  He spends a fair amount of time slouching around in our department and this afternoon he decided that my desk was the place to be, despite the fact that he has his own chair right next to my desk. Perhaps we all need a cat mat now on our desks as well as a mouse mat?!

Basically TC is part of the team and very much loved by all the students and staff alike.  He wants for nothing and is an independent, free spirited cat that knows how to get us humans to work for him.  In return, he keeps the work environment mentally happy and healthy!  I swear he is also responsible for recruiting many a student too as he now seems to be included as part of the tour for prospective students who think it is pretty cool and relaxed of the university to have a cat on its payroll!

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