Monday, 3 June 2013

Slugs, Snails and Kitty Cat Tails

So the cabbage seedlings are transplanted into one of our beds now but will they survive?  The weather is currently very favourable and with ample sunshine, water and the occasional seaweed or comfrey feeding there is no reason to doubt this.  However, we have two other particular threats to the survival of these seedlings in the back garden.  One is the slug/snail population that home in on our tasty produce.  The other is next doors cat Dillon.  Don't get us wrong, we love Dillon.  He is a lovely old boy and we even look after him when our neighbour is away.  We just wish he wouldn't then come and repay us by pooing in our vegetable beds.  So the solution? 

Well we use Nematodes for biological control of the slugs and snails.  This is coupled with going out by torchlight to collect the blighters up at night.  We collect them in a bucket, with a tasty assortment of surplus vegetation and then the next day we take them for a drive.  There is some scientific evidence which suggests you have to take them at least a mile away to ensure they do not return so we take them along the end of the headland before releasing them in a slimy but happy pile to explore the wonders of the open land. 

As for Dillon, well we have to just erect temporary fences to keep him off of freshly dug beds and just remind him that, although he is welcome to visit for cuddles and reminders of overdue feedings, we would prefer him to find alternative toileting arrangements.  He doesn't seem to mind too much.  Now if only we could purrsuade him to eat the slugs and snails instead of his other carnivorous diet, it might just solve a few issues!

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