Saturday, 1 June 2013

Memories of Portugal in our Garden

There is nothing like the sight of fresh green fig leaves bursting out, with the back drop of clear blue sky to remind you of the Mediterranean vibe.  Luckily for us this is in our own front garden and luckily for us, the weekend is proving warm and sunny so far. 
I took this cutting from my fig tree in my previous house and 8 years on it has grown from a mere twig and now it is taller than Phil.  We are really hoping that this year we will get to taste the figs as each year something normally ends up preventing us from savouring the fruity delights.  Several times it has been the wind stripping the tree.  Other years it has just been the cool wet conditions.  In previous years I had been advised to knock off the immature figs that were left on the tree in the autumn but this year I decided to go against that advice which means we are starting off in spring with relatively large fruits as somehow they survived the winter.
Fingers crossed for a Mediterranean summer this year to help ripen them to their full tasty potential.  In the meantime, the tree looks amazing both against a deep blue sky and also at night when our outside light is on as we watch the badger antics.

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