Sunday, 9 June 2013

It's "Gone Off"

There's a saying around these parts, that when the surf is really good it is "going off".  For example, "it's going off in Aggie", or "Fistral is going off", etc.  I've never worked out what it is going off of..... the scale maybe?  This phrase has sometimes been the source of much amusement when used sarcastically, especially when the waves are not in fact "going off". 
Anyway, after a few good days of favourable wind and swell conditions mid week, the waves have now drifted away to nothing.  The sea resembles a mill pond.  It's a case of going, going, gone.  It doesn't ever get any flatter than this.  It's still beautiful though.
At first glance these waves below look quite nice, but on closer inspection you realise that they are only 6 inches high.  They're still fun to "mind surf" though, and hopefully there will be some grown up waves breaking here again soon.  Watch this space.

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