Monday, 30 May 2016

Zen Cat and the Art of The Litter Tray

Zen comes in many shapes and forms and means different things for different beings.  If you are a human being, the sight of a Zen garden may create an inner peace, and a time for reflection.  If you are a cat however, it may create an inner paws and a time for defecation. It is after all a personal choice and all part of the Zen Circle of Life.

The cat in this beautiful Zen garden we recently visited demonstrated this perfectly.  As we entered the garden and saw the cat among the perfectly raked 'water lines', Phil commented, "I am Zen Cat.  I have no respect for the formal conventions of the Zen Garden".  

The cat did however seem perfectly at peace within the confines of the garden, knowing that us mere humans would not cross over the boundaries of the Zen Litter Tray.  It communicated to us with subdued meows and gently pawed the gravel, yet still remained at a distance.  A pile of recently mounded gravel signaled the aphorism 'as above, so below' and perhaps 'what goes in, must come out'.  This certainly felt like a Zen and Meow moment.

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