Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Summertime, Maybe.....Almost!

Well the weather recently has certainly warmed up enough to tease us into thinking that summer is on the way.  Okay so yes, it did rain most of the day yesterday; at least on the south coast where I work (the north coast escaped it until much later in the afternoon and Phil therefore enjoyed a lovely bike ride).  Oh and I was lured into wearing shorts this morning as it was again bright sunshine on the north coast when I left home, but unfortunately I hit mist and less shorts wearing weather about half way across to the south. But let's forget all that, as after all there will always be the north/south Cornish weather divide.  It is still warmer and that is what counts.  

It isn't just the weather that is showing signs of summer.  The trees are greening and filling out and it is so lovely to hear the loud joyous singing of the birds from the open car window,  even over the sound of the rush hour traffic as you drive past.  Our seeds are starting to push themselves out of the soil (and into the mouths of the slugs and snails!) and it is wonderful to be able to take some time ' to get ourselves back to the garden' in the evening after work.  

However the thing that has really put a big smile on my face over the last couple of days has been witnessing a blue tit going in and out of our new nesting box in our front garden.  It remains to be seen whether it is just still viewing the property or whether it's signed the contract to move in yet but what a delight to see it even considering it.

So here's to the summer ahead....and as we really haven't been speaking much recently about music, a little appropriate song that I love; especially this version by the formidable lady that is Janis.

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