Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Coconut Bacon

It is a wonder that any of this homemade coconut 'bacon' made it into the jar.  Ever since we discovered the delights of the shop bought Smokin' Coconut Pecks (right) from Inspiral, I'd been meaning to experiment with making some at home.  

It's taken me a while to find coconut flakes that are big enough though, which I didn't anticipate but seriously it's true!  I got there in the end and then there was no holding me back. There are loads of recipes out there if you just put 'coconut bacon' into a search engine, but it is also easy to work out for yourself too.

For my version I used a 125g packet of coconut flakes.  I chucked them into a big old bowl. I then added about 2 tablespoons of Braggs Liquid Aminos along with a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt.  Next up is something for that smokey flavour; a few drops of liquid smoke (unless you really like an intense smokiness, in which case add more and go for it).  I have a sweet tooth so this wouldn't be complete unless there was a slight sweet edge to it.  Therefore a tablespoon of the finest maple syrup went in.  Maple syrup goes really well with smokey stuff too.  Finally an edge of umami was needed along with something to stop everything from sticking together. I'm a Mediterranean 'chef' normally so olive oil is my staple but that just wasn't right for this. I therefore turned to Phil's supplies and raided his toasted sesame oil, popping in about a teaspoon.  Now give it a really good mix up until the coconut flakes are all really well coated. Have a taste and imagine that intensified a bit more once it has baked, then adjust to your liking. Spread on a baking tray.  I baked it at 200 degrees C (I remembered that as I pretty much bake everything at that temperature) but I cannot remember for how long exactly; maybe 30 minutes.  The important thing is to keep checking and stirring it and to make sure it isn't burning.

Allow to cool, before jarring up (what's left of what you don't snorkel straight away).  There's no point surmising how long they keep as, well there won't be any to keep beyond a few days!  Now obviously they don't match the raw-ness of the Inspiral ones (which are air-dried rather than baked) but I have to say I think they are just as tasty and you get a whole lot more to snack on in one go by making it yourself!  


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