Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wildebeest Up For Sale

We are very sad to hear that Wildebeest in Falmouth is now up for sale after providing Falmouth, Cornwall, and those many people who have visited from the UK and beyond with the most amazing vegan food over the last two years.  

To say that the Cornish vegan community is devastated by this news is probably an understatement.  After all, if you've eaten at Wildebeest you will know the culinary gap this will leave.  Beyond that there has also always been a distinct pride that one of the premiere vegan restaurants in the country is here in Cornwall, to the extent that I would very rarely let an opportunity pass when I could drop this point into a conversation.  

However, nobody would deny that Rose and Josh's reasons are extremely valid.  Again, if you've been to Wildebeest you will understand how very hard they work and the decision to give up such a successful business is testament to the kind of people they are and the strong and considerate values that hold a compassionate community together.

So we write this post to say thank you to Rose and Josh for bringing Wildebeest to Cornwall, to wish them all the best and also to spread the word.  The best happy ending for everyone would be for Wildebeest to sell quickly and to someone who can continue to fly the Cornish Vegan Flag over Falmouth.

Please see Rose and Josh's message below and do get in touch with them if you are interested.  Let's just say you would be taking on an extremely thriving business with a massively supportive customer base in a beautiful location. Check out their website and Facebook page.  Oh, and we should mention too that Wildebeest rates #6 out of 170 restaurants in Falmouth on TripAdvisor.

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Hello everyone,

We’ve got some news to share… After a lot of thought, it’s time for us to announce that we’ve decided to put Wildebeest up for sale. We’ve had a truly fantastic couple of years starting up and running the restaurant, and the response from the local community and beyond has been incredible. It’s still unbelievable to us when the restaurant is jam-packed and we receive such wonderful reviews (we really do have the best customers), and we’ve met so many lovely people!

But as some of you may know, our daughter Luna was born at the start of the year, and we simply feel that our priorities have changed – running a restaurant requires our full time dedication and we feel we can’t then fully dedicate ourselves to raising Luna as we want to.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support, we’re super proud of what we’ve achieved and love the fact that Falmouth has so wholeheartedly embraced a completely vegan establishment. We’ll remain open as normal until some nice person decides to buy the business – we’ll keep you all updated, of course. And hey, if you fancy taking on a thriving vegan restaurant that’s good to go, in a prime Falmouth location, get in touch! Info@wildebeestcafe.com.

Thank you all!
Rose and Josh xxx

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