Friday, 6 May 2016

Lessons in Portuguese

I love cook books, I love challenging myself and I love Portugal.  So I was delighted when, on our recent visit to Portugal, I found a cook book with all but one recipe in it being vegan (I think, unless my translations have gone a bit wrong!). So it is actually written in Portuguese, and that is the challenging bit; I'll have to practice my Portuguese to decipher it.

The recipes take macrobiotic principles to Portuguese cuisine, but also fused with other global influences. They are simple and healthy, and the ingredients lists are not very long either which helps a lot with translating too!  The author is Marta Horta Varatojo who, among other things, works at the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. You can find out more about the book, Marta, and even check out loads of her recipes from the links above.  Don't worry you can use the on-line translate tool if you want to cheat and read it in English!

I'm really looking forward to getting into the kitchen and trying some of the recipes out; armed of course with my Portuguese dictionary!  Expect more posts in the future about these recipes.  There are worse ways of learning a different language.

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