Thursday, 2 June 2016

Rawsage Snack Bars

We found these colourfully packaged snack bars on our recent bank holiday trip over the border to Devon.  Sometimes raw snacks don't hit the satisfaction mark for me; in taste and in price.  This bar however, at £1.50 is not only a bit more affordable than most but a hell of a lot more tasty than ones I've tried before.  In fact it was delicious and had both Phil and I making very satisfied noises as we munched on them sat on a tree trunk part way through a Dartmoor ramble.  I'd taken the first bite of mine before Phil had opened his and I tried my best to convince him he wouldn't like it in order to get my hands on his sausage.  Sadly I failed.

This raw, organic and gluten free vegan 'sausage' has a base of brazil nuts and sun dried tomatoes blended with raisins, hemp seeds and a perfect balance of herbs, spices and a hint of chilli; all rolled into a firm sausage shape.  The full Mediterranean flavours really hit the mark and left us wanting more.  Unfortunately, there were no health food stores in the middle of this particular Dartmoor woodland so we had to make do with looking at the now empty packets and a sudden feeling of addiction.

We found our Rawsages in Greenlife in Totnes.  You can also find out more about them and buy them on line from the Lifefood website.


  1. Thanks for the mention- we pride ourselves on our raw food selection, and are glad you enjoyed this brand new product. David@Greenlife

    1. You're welcome David. We are big fans of Greenlife and, even though we live down in Cornwall, visit quite often so keep them in stock please!!! XX