Thursday, 16 June 2016

I See You Baby, Shaking That...Coconut Milk Shake

Hmmmmmmm....yum.  Nuff said.

Oh I suppose we'd better expand on that a little. Well, we seem to be finding new vegan stuff quite often at the moment and this is just another example.  Creamy, decadent, thick, smooth and very tasty.  There you go, is that enough?  No? Okay, the Strawberries and Cream is reminiscent of a Wimbledon inspired Summer sunshine childhood moment.  That about sums it up for me but see what you think.  The Chocolate Fudge; well you smell the naughty loveliness before you taste it.  It really is fudgy nom nom.  Apparently there is a Banana Split one too.

Anyway, basically if you see any of these you'd be a bit daft not to try them.

Check out their Facebook page with links to where to buy if you can't get them locally and get desperate to try them (we must admit we sneaked off to Glastonbury and found them up there!).

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