Monday, 6 June 2016

Co Yo Salted Caramel Yoghurt

It is always exciting when you find new vegan products and we've had a run of that recently. 

Co Yo yoghurts are a particular favourite of ours, so we were really pleased to discover and get our hands on the new flavour recently on the market; Salted Caramel.  My initial reaction on seeing it was "wow" followed by a "hmmm, not sure about that".  Phil however was enthusiastic from the start so we purchased a couple in the name of investigative journalism.......and pudding.

If you've never tasted a Co Yo yoghurt before you are in for a lovely treat.  It is wonderfully creamy and luxurious, but with the saintly edge of probiotic cultures and no added sugar. Although made from coconut milk it has a smooth and subtle coconut taste, and the consistency is not runny but gratifyingly dollopable; a bit like I imagine clotted cream to be. The yoghurts come in various flavours including natural, vanilla, raw chocolate, mango, mixed berry, morello cherry, passion fruit and the new flavours matcha green tea (yet to find to try) and the salted caramel.

We had intended to eat our pots for pudding but our dinner was so large that we reserved them in the end for breakfast the next morning.  Phil dug into his with gusto and very much enjoyed the experience.  I did too but such was the delicious creaminess of it, I struggled towards the end.  Well, it was breakfast after all!  The salted caramel taste was quite subtle but definitely sufficiently satisfying for the pudding lovers out there.  I think Phil would definitely go for this flavour again but for me, the versions that include a layer of fruitiness to dig in to at the bottom still remain my favourites.

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