Monday, 21 March 2016

Vegan Organic Cornish Cask Beer at the Bowgie Inn

The Bowgie Inn

We've just heard that our favourite local pub, with our favourite view, is offering our favourite Cornish beer on cask.  When does that ever happen? 

The Bowgie Inn sits magnificently on West Pentire Headland, overlooking Crantock Beach. Many a sunny summer evening, along with gathering crowds of view admiring tourists, we will walk or ride our bikes to the Bowgie to take in the atmosphere.  And come the winter we will take refuge next to the roaring fire for a pint, a game of pool and a chat with the friendly staff.   However up till now we have been unable to enjoy a Cornish pint on cask as none of them have been vegan.

That is about to change as now they are offering Azores, one of the many offerings from Atlantic Brewery.  It's vegan, it's organic, and it couldn't get more local as the brewery is just a few miles down the road near Newquay.  

According to the Bowgie's Facebook page, Azores is one of the guest beers this month.  It would be lovely if it remained, so with the Easter Bank Holiday weekend looming why not plan a trip to Crantock and enjoy a beautiful walk along the beach (dogs welcome all year round on the beach) and the surrounding coastline (we've spotted the choughs recently just around the corner)?  Then plonk yourself down at one of the many tables outside the Bowgie to enjoy the view and a pint of local Cornish, organic vegan cask ale.

We are only around the first half of the weekend before we disappear for almost a month so you may well see us down there trying to sink more than a few pints to make sure that this lovely beer stays on cask beyond the month!  

Images from The Bowgie Inn FB page

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