Sunday, 13 March 2016

More National Trust Vegan Offerings

Photo courtesy of our mate Paul Duffy

An afternoon spent skidding, riding and performing feats of amazing but unintentional gymnastic skills on the cycle trails of Lanhydrock, whilst covering ourselves in mud and big smiley faces could only be rounded off with a visit to the National Trust cafe. 

We had promised our mate Paul a cup of tea and a slice of vegan cake as way of a lure to cross the border (from Devon) and come down and get muddy with us.  In fairness he was up for anything we threw at him (including the ground) but the cake helped a little.  As we walked to the cafe I hoped that they did indeed have the vegan cake that we had experienced here before.  We weren't disappointed.  Not only did they have the Vegan Banoffee Cake they had back in December on offer, they now also had chocolate cupcakes. 

We settled into the comfy sofas inside the cafe with a round of warming drinks and a veritable buffet of vegan naughty sweet treats; Banoffee cake, the remainder of the chocolate cupcakes on offer (apologies to any vegans that followed after us!) and some flapjack.  Well we'd earned it so what the heck?

I have to say the cycle trails are lure enough for the likes of us but the idea of being able to drop into the cafe after for a soya milk tea or a coffee (multiple variations of which are available) with accompanying cakey delight is, well, the icing on the cake!  We learnt that the chef there is vegan so that might also explain the veg chilli and curry that we noted on the menu too (although we didn't inquire in detail about these I might add).  Next time perhaps?

So get yourselves along to Lanhydrock for either some cycling, cake or both.  I recommend the latter only because it gives you all the more excuse to tuck away more cake!

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