Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Badger Protest At Newquay Airport

A wonderful tale came to light recently.  It has all the elements of random Cornishness, humour, and a happy ending.  It involved Newquay airport and a badger.  Perhaps there were some pro badger cull politicians on the plane and the badger wanted to make a point? 

Read the full story on the BBC Website here.  My favourite line from the report was a quote from a passenger; "there was a tense five-minute gap between the aircraft climbing sharply away from the runway and the pilot announcing the badger's presence".  Oh and also; "A spokesman for Cornwall Airport Newquay said there was a suspected badger sighted on the runway by the bird control unit".  The badgers round here do tend to wear bandit masks so perhaps that explains why they couldn't completely confirm the identity of the said badger?

I've experience delays at Newquay airport on a few occasions but this is one of the few excuses from Flybe that I would find acceptable.  A 15 minute delay and a 'big dipper' experience is a small price to pay to avoid harming Britain's largest remaining wild mammal.


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