Saturday, 26 March 2016


A few weekends back we had our annual visit to Bristol/Glastonbury for Phil's birthday.  It is normally a weekend of food enjoyment, health food store visits, and swoops of favourite charity shops and other areas for interesting books.  The weekend didn't disappoint.  We enjoyed lovely food treats and managed to land a few good books to add to our groaning shelves.  

I found the 'Easy As Vegan Pie' in the Speaking Tree in Glastonbury for £5.  We found the 'Fermenting Food' book also in Glastonbury.  We did pay full price for it but it is an area of food preparation that we have become more and more interested in, and I pretended that it was an additional birthday present for Phil!  Expect more blog posts from both of these books in the future as we delve into them.  

However my absolute star buy of the weekend was Brendan Brazier's Thrive Energy Cookbook for £2 from the Amnesty bookshop down Gloucester Road in Bristol.  Phil bought me Brendan's training book Thrive Fitness a couple of years ago so this find was a great compliment to that.  It has more than paid for itself already, and that's with only managing so far to make a few of the recipes.  These have included Roasted Fennel, Squash and Red Potato Stew with Red Cabbage; Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Sweet Corn Chilli; Caesar Sprout Salad and Avocado, Black Bean and Chipotle Burgers. All of these were really tasty but the latter recipe was our favourite.  This used a base recipe from another section in the book; Black Bean Veggie Burger Patties.  For copyright reasons I didn't want to just copy the recipe straight out of the book but, just so I'm not just teasing you, I did find the recipe online from the link above along with a few more samples from the book.  

There are a lot of recipes that give the base for other recipes in this book.  I sometimes find that annoying as you might go to make one recipe and then find you've had to make another one first.  However, if you have pre-prepared one of the base recipes then there are several options within the book to then choose from so it's not so bad.  The Lacuma Caramel Sauce recipe was another example of this.  It's a lovely combination of cashew butter (although we used almond instead), maple or agave syrup, lacuma powder, vanilla paste, a pinch of salt and water.  As the title of it suggests, it is meant to be a sauce and it is used in several of the smoothie recipes in the book, including the Heavenly Pistachio Bliss Smoothie that we sucked up.  However, we couldn't help just eating it straight out of the pot and before we knew it, it turned in to a dessert of it's own!  Very naughty!

There are so many more recipes to sink our teeth in to.  Yes, we were lucky enough to have found this book in a charity shop but we would still very much recommend it as a new buy too.

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