Sunday, 20 March 2016

MozzaRisella Cheese and Zizzi Vegan Menu

We covered the news that MozzaRisella Cheese was going to be available at a well known restaurant chain back in November and an email in the last few days has now confirmed that the restaurant involved is Zizzi.  

If that wasn't exciting enough, Zizzi have also just introduced a whole vegan menu and you can ask for any pizza topped with MozzaRisella.  Also included in the vegan menu is the fact that most of the wines that Zizzi offer are also vegan (with the exception of about 3) and there is even vegan gelato and dessert on offer.  

Be warned the vegan menu is a little hidden away on the website under the 'Allergen Menu' (also includes a gluten free menu) so you may have to ask for the vegan menu in the restaurants too.  We are just saying this as, not being allergic to dairy products, we wouldn't have necessarily thought to have looked at this part of the menu but I guess it makes total sense for those that are.

So no more taking your own shop bought cheese to get a pizza and hopefully this move will inspire other restaurants to follow suit.  And before you Cornish vegans start scrabbling around to find the nearest Zizzi, there is one in Cornwall and that is in Falmouth.  We however have a late night ferry to catch next week from Portsmouth and it just so happens that there are two branches very close to the ferry port.  A leisurely evening meal beforehand has suddenly been planned!

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