Friday, 23 May 2014


We've been digging the taco vibe recently.  The crunchy oozing shells of tacos next to a side of salad styling is totally hitting the right summery spot at the moment.  My personal favourite filling is portabello mushrooms oven baked with a splash of olive oil, a generous splosh of vegan Worcestershire sauce, a dribble of balsamic, a grind of black pepper, a scattering of chilli and as much of a snorkel of garlic I can sneak in when Phil isn't looking.  

However, we did hit upon a tasty addition to this umami mushroomy delight the other day.  It was a solitary sweet potato on our vegetable rack that did it.  It had been there a while and was, quite frankly, just asking to be used. The oven was already on for the mushrooms so I just bunged it in with no clear idea of what for.  Then it hit me; a bit of mashed up potato sweetness in the bottom of the taco, topped with a slither of Vegusto cheese and then the mushrooms, may be just the thing to get the party in the taco moving towards a Mexican rave (or is that wave?).  

Either way, it was a very happy accident/make it up as you go along experience.  There are no photos I'm afraid; they got eaten way too fast.  

Taco shells + sweet potatoes + mushrooms = Tacotastic.


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