Sunday, 11 May 2014


There are many reasons to not eat meat or dairy products, but the ones that people are perhaps most ignorant of are the environmental reasons.  This is demonstrated by the amount of so called environmental organisations who often ignore or even actively suppress the widespread knowledge of the impact of industrial animal farming on the natural world.  Perhaps they are more concerned with membership numbers, fundraising and promoting their single causes, rather than having to question the lifestyle choices and beliefs of themselves, their followers and their sources of funding.  This is one of the subjects tackled in the documentary Cowspiracy, and they are currently seeking funding to be able to spread this under represented side of the story far and wide.

The term "conspiracy" has lately been hijacked by the media in order to degrade the topic it is linked with; to mock the subject and make it seem like a bunch of paranoid idiots have taken up a worthless cause.  In this way the subject is neutralised and made safe.  All this to keep the majority of people comfortable and asleep in the knowledge that "the experts" have everything worked out, for all our best interests.  This film turns the tables and exposes the lengths that people and large corporations will go to both for profit, and for maintaining a corrupt and destructive system.  In this sense, Cowspiracy is a very apt title!

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