Monday, 12 May 2014

Piracy in Modern Day Cornwall!

Some 'propur' Cornish silliness now....
Penzance, right down there in the west of Cornwall,  is hoping to smash the Guinness Book of Records for the number of Pirates in one place at the same time. They're making a weekend festival out of it that includes music and drama, sun and sea, and climaxes with the count of the pirates on the promenade on the Bank Holiday Monday 26 May. 

14,231 pirates are needed to beat the record set by Hastings in 2012 (there seems to be a frequent challenge between Hastings and Penzance it seems).  There are definitely way more pirates in Cornwall so I can't see that being a problem!!  I'm just wondering how they count them all?!
If you fancy a bit of piracy, get yerself down 'ere me mateys!   - Pirates on the Prom 2014 

And here is the BBC's account of the last attempt back in 2011 in Penzance - Pirates 2011
My favourite line is;  "We even had dogs dressed up, although they didn't get counted."

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  1. Sadly the rain kept the pirates away and the record was missed by a mere 77!