Thursday, 15 May 2014

Life's A Beach

Could it be true?  Is summer finally here?  Are the golden after work evenings of wandering on the beach, surfing, pottering in the garden and generally larking around in the sunshine finally upon us?  We sincerely hope so.

The sun certainly has its way of energising and inspiring.  I got up for work as usual at 6.30pm. Phil didn't need to today but shortly after I had crept out the bedroom he appeared in a flourish of surfing anticipation.  The tide was good and the sun was shining and that was enough to stir him from his slumber.  He was off and out of the door before I had even left for work.  It was a good move too as this evening the surf was much more crowded.  Instead of another surf we enjoyed an after dinner saunter down to the beach to watch the crowds from the dunes instead.

This is most definitely my favourite time of year here in Cornwall.  The anticipation of the (hopefully) warm and sunny summer stretched out ahead of us is wonderful.  It is also before the crowds arrive, although it never gets too busy in our particular neck of the woods; just a little happy buzz from the summer holiday makers.
The weekend weather is looking good too so fingers crossed, perhaps summer really has started now.

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